Visual Studio 2010 Feature Comparison

Visual Studio 2010 Feature Comparison Visual Studio 2010  Visual Studio 2010  Test Professional
Ultimate Premium Professional
Development Platform Support        
Windows, Web and Cloud Development  
Office and SharePoint Development  
Architecture and Modeling        
Architecture Explorer, Layer Diagram and Dependency Validation      
Read-only diagrams (UML, Layer, DGML Graphs)    
Database Development        
Deployment, Change Management, Test Data Generation, Unit Testing    
Debugging, Diagnostics and Testing        
IntelliTrace™ (Historical Debugging), Web Performance Testing, Load Testing1      
Static Code Analysis, Code Metrics, Profiling, Code Coverage, Test Impact Analysis, Coded UI Test    
Unit Testing  
Test and Lab Management        
Microsoft® Test Manager, Test Case Management, Manual Test Execution, Fast Forward for Manual Testing    
Virtual environment setup & tear down, Provision environment from template, Checkpoint environment    
Team Foundation Server        
Version Control, Work Item Tracking, Build Automation, Team Portal, Reporting & Business Intelligence, Agile Planning Workbook,  Team Explorer
MSDN Subscription benefits        
Priority support in MSDN Forums, MSDN Magazine, Flash newsletter, Online Concierge
Technical support incidents 4 4 2 2
Microsoft® e-learning collections (typically 10 courses or 20 hours) 2 2 1 1
Windows® Azure™ Platform ●† ●† ●†  
MSDN Subscription – Software for Production Use        
Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server 2010 plus one CAL
Microsoft® Office Professional Plus 2010, Project Professional 2010, Visio® Premium 2010, Expression Studio 3    
MSDN Subscription – Software for Development and Test Use2        
Windows (client and server operating systems), Microsoft® SQL Server®, Toolkits, Software Development Kits, Driver Development Kits
Microsoft® Office, Dynamics®, All other Servers, Windows Embedded    
† Azure benefits vary by subscription level; see the MSDN Subscription site for details: Subject to change and subject to availability.1. May require one or more Microsoft® Visual Studio® Load Test Virtual User Pack 2010.2. Per-user license allows unlimited installations and use for designing, developing, testing, and demonstrating applications.UML is a registered trademark of Object Management Group, Inc.

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied.


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