Just a small addition to the earlier topic..recently came across this wonderful tool that is a value add in terms of protecting your intellectual property.Its named Eazfuscator and is an easy download.Its works pretty simple.Once you install you can drag your project solution or your dll into the windows tha t you can see below.Green for obfuscating and red to undo it!

As you can see the string are obfuscted in the following snapshot.

For making the Control Flow obfuscation work please create a new file called ObfuscatorSettings.cs into your assembly/Project  and paste the following code into it.

using System;
using System.Reflection;

[assembly: Obfuscation(Feature = “code control flow obfuscation”, Exclude = false)]

For Visual Basic .NET, fill ObfuscationSettings.vb with the following content:

Imports System
Imports System.Reflection

And then finally drag and drop the dll into the Green panel in the Eazfuscator.This time around when you try to open the dll through the reflector,it crashes.That is because the reverse engineering logic is not able to get through and throws a object null reference error!Pretty powerful tool.Thanks to Oliksey Gapotchencko the creator of this wonderful tool.

Also you can add the tool to visual studio and drag and drop the project and from next time ,every build that you do is obfuscated!


2 thoughts on “Eazfuscator.Net

  1. Does Eazfuscator support XAP files and WPF projects? Another product – Crypto Obfuscator – supports these types of projects. It also has VS integration. Have you tried it?

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