Flashing Jelly Bean & ICS on HTC Desire

Ha.. finally I updated my good ‘ol HTC Desire A8181 to Jelly Bean.I don’t know how long it will suffer my testing though and how good the ROM from CyanogenMod 10 is.Anyways it was a very satisfying experience, as I always wanted to update the OS on my mobile as easily as I do on a desktop/laptop. But as I have short term memory loss problem ,let me try to recollect what I did in the first place Smile. Also before you go ahead, let me tell you the following are instructions only for HTC and their ROM’s and in some cases specific to HTC Desire.So others back off unless you want your phone bricked .But I presume most of the others have similar or close to same instructions.

First of all you need to have guts and not a mobile with a shade of pink..ok just kidding. Smile

Following are the prerequisites if you want to go ahead .

1)Creating backups of your existing data and please ensure your phone had enough charge left.

2) Install the HTC drivers for your phone.

3)Uninstall the HTC sync from your computer.

4)Set the enable USB debugging on your device.

5)Need to root your phone.How? Install unrEVOked3 recovery reflash tool from their site unrevoked.com .



6)Install ROM Manager from Play Store.

7) Select the option ClockwordMod Recovery from the ROM Manager.

8)Copy the ROM from http://d-h.st/Nax to your SD card.

9)Boot into recovery by pressing and holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons.

    Select recovery and select backup and recovery next.Select backup in the next screen.

10) Select wipe data/factory reset and confirm in the next screen.

11)Select install Zip from SD card  post step 10.Choose zip from sd card and select the cyanogenMod 10 ROM file by browsing to that path and select the file.

12) Go back after finishing installation and select reboot system now.

And there you go, you have the all new shiny JB on your device.

Mind you there are loads of tools and sdk’s from which you can explore more.There are sites like androidauthority and forum.xda-developers.com  ,which will help you find loads of ROMs and instructions.I must confess, I spent a few hours reading ’em before taking the plunge Smile.

image                  image                         image

Having installed it, I realised that the performance was not upto the mark, not to mention the various times it just crashed and restarted while opening media .Hence the desire to experiment with my desire, led to the installation of a lower OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.Having heard lots about a ROM called AOKP Milestone 6 (version 2) ,i decided to test drive it.But first, i wanted to check if my previous backup of Froyo was still existent.So I held the volume down and the power button and selected recovery and chose to install from the  previous backup .After some time i was in familiar territory.So I downloaded the new ROM ( http://www.mediafire.com/?5nzio781hub8533) and the corresponding google apps(http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip) and was ready for the next round of installation. All went smooth and I am very pleased with the new OS.Let me test it out further and will let you know in case of any issues.Till then i will enjoy my Ice Cream Sandwich 🙂

10 thoughts on “Flashing Jelly Bean & ICS on HTC Desire

  1. ICS is good ! Have u tried the ROM manager backup and restore ? Somehow i does not work for me. Any tips would be helpful. Also, Any idea how to get the paid version of ROM manager without paying ? 😉

    • Abinav,
      As far as i know ,you can use the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option in ROM Manager which will download ClockworkMod and then you have to restart and enter the boot mode by holding the power and volume down button.After that you have to enter the backup and recovery option and once you select that option you will get the ClockworkMod options and from there you can read my blog.One interesting thing however which i missed telling was once you are in the ClockworkMod you can only use the trackball metallic button of htc to select a option ! Regarding the not paying for the paid version i dont wanna steal from guys who have done such a fab job!The other options in RomManager are free except i believe the DownloadROM options.Also since the RAM is so less ,once you get the hang of ICS you will feel you are not able to install lots of app.So sooner or later have to plan a upgrade.That being said i beleive this is the last of the various ROM’s that these guys are supporting,after that we have no more ROM’s as they are finding it difficult to support the specs of the Desire

    • I dont think it leaves much space after installation on your Desire A8181.If you have other models it will depend on your RAM inbuilt in the phone.If you have a 1GB RAM on your phone yes you can ,else installation of many apps after installing ICS might not be possible atleast on Desire A8181.

      • Thanks mate…was wondering if it could allow us to install apps on sd card directly..looks like it wont..
        Buying another phone would be ideal 🙂

    • As I mentioned in the blog ,please restart and enter the boot mode by holding the power and volume down button.Select backup and restore and select restore next.Select your backup in the next screen.Thats it!

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