Custom Configuration Designer!

There has many a time that i have posted on tools, that makes life so much simpler,in order that we can can have the extra time to fall in love with C#!So many of us hate to see Xml. Lets admit it ,not many are in awe of the beauty called xml and have burnt their fingers and are not comfortable with it.But next time when you hear that you have to create a custom configuration,don’t fear as we have tools in place to handle that.Thanks to the wonderful tool called Configuration Section Designer.I wouldn’t have ventured into it had not i made a silly mistake which took my entire day and i began to question the logic of creating all these with mere hands and why not get it automated?

You can install the Configuration Section Designer from here.Once you download the plug-in and install it ,it fits perfectly well with VS-2008. and VS-2010 folks ,your version is yet to be out.But once you have installed the Custom Configuration Designer you can see that you will get a project like the snapshot available for you to play around!



Once you have created the Custom Configuration ,you will get a default custom Section designer diagram which will be empty .Go to the properties and enter the values in Namespace and XmlSchemaNamespace as follows.



Once you are done naming your namespace as well as the xml schema namespace, you can go ahead and drag and drop the Config Section, Config Section Group, Configuration Collection  as well as Configuration Element.Here is sample that I have created.Its really simple isn’t it?



And you can add custom classes to the existing predefined system types for your elements as well as the attributes as well as mention if it required and to make a certain attribute Key for a Config Collection.And then all you need to do is build it .