XML Diff – Compare XML Tool

Well off late i have been having a torrid affair with XML as the data that flows across into my modules is xml. And so I had to do a series of tests on them to validate the modifications we were doing on the input xml. So hence started my hun t for xml related tool to compare two xmls .After searching for sometime i understood that the overwhelming favourite was XMLDiff.So here goes the simplest of all tools.All you need to do is

1)Download the tool from here.
2)Install the xmldiffpatch.exe
3) Go to $:\Program Files (x86)\XmlDiffPatch\Bin where you will find xmldiffpatch.dll
4)Include in your project as a assembly reference and you are ready to code.

A basic simple one that i used is the following overload of Compare in public bool Compare(XmlNode sourceNode, XmlNode changedNode) for the XmlDiff tool.The code for the same goes as follows.

string original =
XmlDocument document = new XmlDocument();
XmlNode newNode = ((document).DocumentElement).ParentNode;

XmlDocument document1 = new XmlDocument();
XmlNode originalNode = ((document1).DocumentElement).ParentNode;

XmlDiff xmldiff = new XmlDiff(XmlDiffOptions.IgnoreChildOrder |XmlDiffOptions.IgnoreNamespaces |XmlDiffOptions.IgnorePrefixes);
bool bIdentical = xmldiff.Compare(originalNode, newNode);

As you can notice i have spaces in between tags and the ordering of the child elements is not correct ,but still they will compare and return TRUE.
There is another overload of Compare() method,which takes in two file locations.But i didnt like to pass ,paths of two different files as I thought it was cumbersome,hence i took the overload with XNode as parameters.
There are several other overloads to try out as well as Diffgram, the changes between two XML documents are described in a document called an XDL Diffgram. Yet to try that out but looks like lot of fun with Diffgram.