Unable to configure device language!

Well this post will help you in getting Alexa app setup for iOS guys in India especially people who bought their echo in US. Amazon Echo got me excited as it had got some good reviews when it launched! But since i was in India when it did , I decided to get one from some folks in the US .But that turned out to be a bad idea as Amazon decided it shouldn’t be released in other countries yet and blocked out the Alexa app from the Apple Store in other regions other than US.So if you had to install one you would most likely have to install one using some hacks or would have to get a US payment card and register yourself in Apple store with that card info. Well for some reason I didn’t try the hacks and the workaround and waited patiently for a year!

Come next year in the fall of 2017 , Amazon decides to give Google Home a run for its money and launches Echo .But its on invitation basis only for now.And anyways i was only waiting for the Alexa to be installed. Once it did in last week of October in Apple Store, I installed it only to be frustrated again.This time “Unable to configure device language Error 15:1:26:0:2” during setup post installation of the app. Well I felt like hitting myself against the Echo device. But after a few days better sense prevailed as I got myself into experimental mood. I knew it had everything to do with the regional settings and so I changed the country settings in Amazon to US and then tried setting up the Alexa and it worked just fine. Now where do you find the country settings? Strangely i could only find it in amazon.com domain and not in Indian domain(ie .in) . It was under Manage your content and devices under settings tab. If you don’t know how to reach Manage your content and devices you will get it under you account page once you sign in.

Once you have changed the country to US and then sign into the Alexa app it will setup up perfectly! Once you have set it up , you can always go and change it back to your country in the website and within it app as well.But the initial setup is the only hiccup!