Load Testing

I guarantee you this blog is going to be short and sweet but yeah it will add 2cents to your Info DB! So lets start ,how do you do load testing? Have used the load tests in Visual Studio? Its pretty much a breeze if you are familiar with the IDE.You can do a web performace test or a load test in Unit tests


And you can even step up the number of users(read traffic) or have a constant load.


You can do web testing in the same manner as you normal methods in C#.


In addition you can also try other tools like Fiddler.Simply pass the url that you wish to test in Composer section and repeat the call selecting the session and hitting Shift + R.You will get the results under statistics.Thats as simple as it can get.


There is another amazing tool called stressstimulus which hooks with the fiddler and provides some cool features.

You can see a quick demo here (http://forums.asp.net/t/1666267.aspx?Free+Load+Testing+Tool+Fiddler+add+on+StresStimulus)
Lastly there are now lots of free sites (http://loaduiweb.org/), where you can test your rest urls and load test them.But now sure if you are ready to test is on another box in case you are working for some corporate organisation.