Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools for VS 2012

Well for starters let me assume you are a poor dev like me and don’t have access to Resharper! Well in case you do they have a lot of these features that are now available free of cost in Productivity Tools in

Let me quickly show you some of the features that stand out pretty instantaneously .

1.PresentOn/Off – type this into the quick launch and lo you get the power of zoomit 🙂


2.You can now edit a project file by right clicking on the project.

Edit Project

3.Browse to definition by pressing on control and left mouse click.


4.Email code snippets by using the same option in context menu.


5.Now you can find duplicate code snippets by selecting the option “Find Matching clones in solution” in context menu.


Also there are other features like Auto Brace Completion,Open Command Prompt and HTML copy.
So go ahead and give it a download!!