The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of connections

Ever encountered this error and you have been frustrated that the last minute changes and hotfix is not going through.Well these things happen and more often than not we learn it at the wrong time 🙂 .There is an easy way to boot out unnecessary people from the server you are trying to login.Works wonders if you are a admin though.

To start off ,if you the nice guy and want people to be notified that you have a emergency and that you need to remotely login,then you need to know the users logged in .Some lousy admin or support guy may have forgotten to log off their sessions.Hence you need to find them and email them.Easier said than done.So sysInternals have for you a simple tool to help you find these guys.You can either download the entire suite from sysInternals website or they have a live version Open PsLoggedon.exe and pass in your remote server name as shown below.


There you go,you now know who are the culprits.But still it might not resolve your problem and you might still not be able to login remotely.So when the push comes to shove,you have to bump someone out.Here are some commands to login forcefully .

To connect to a remote Windows Server 2003-based computer, go to Start and Run (Windows + R keyboard shortcut) and then type the following command:

mstsc -v:servername /F -console

NOTE: Newer versions of the RDP client require the following command instead.

mstsc /v:servername /F /admin

Happy Remoting!